Do not worry. You will also be integrated.
Source:MLP, Chapter 29

Wireless is a secondary character in the primary Source novel and the protagonist of the spinoff fic Source: Mad Circuitry. She is the most advanced cybernetic entity ever built; a product of a secret Bureau of Progress research initiative headed by Dinkie Hooves.

She has the ability to copy and map other ponies' personalities, but the process kills the original. Thus, she prefers to copy from the recently deceased. The unfortunate side effect: each personality she copies "lives" inside of her head, and it is slowly driving her insane.



"Wireless" was originally the title of the project meant to link multiple individual ponies into a gestalt consciousness. The name refers to both a combined consciousness spread across several robotic drones, then to the final drone (the a priori or Alpha Drone) following the destruction of the rest of her bodies, which continues to refer to itself as "Wireless".

During the apocalypse, the Wireless drones were undergoing testing at the Tall Tale Cognitive Sciences Center. Half of the facility also doubled as the Tall Tale 'Gentlehoof' Asylum, which stored Equestria's most disturbed and sociopathic. A Hoarfrost missile struck nearby, sending the compound into chaos. Inmates took revenge on staff. Scientists tried to save what they could.

Obeying her primary directive of saving lives, Wireless began copying the personalities of any who died, both staff and inmate alike. She was trapped as the facility froze over, where she remained until Lozenge's arrival.

Double Down chose to spare her, allowing her to escape the facility and setting the stage for the events of Mad Circuitry.



Multiple PersonalitiesEdit

As stated above. Wireless' cybernetic mind contains the personalities of every pony she 'saves'. It is not entirely clear how her personalities interact, but they are at least aware of each other. Some even carry on conversations.

Her primary personality is often unaware that her other personalities are responsible for the deaths of ponies around her. She simply goes on trying to 'save them'.


Her basic design is that of a Pegasus, thus she is able to fly. She is unable to manipulate the weather, however, leading her to state she is "only a partially realized copy". Her cybernetic body is immensely strong and durable. Lozenge and company found even the beta drones extremely difficult to dispatch. The Alpha is even stronger. She survives several high-caliber round impacts and bends high-tensile steel with little difficulty.



Wireless only displays a few personalities during her original experience, but the cast of voices fleshes out exponentially in Mad Circuitry. Below is a list of known personalities sharing Wireless' head. All were either staff or patients at the Asylum.


Doctor StableEdit

An elderly physician from Ponyville. He was murdered by Vermillion during the initial breakout and the two often fight it out inside Wireless' mindscape. He is the only personality that can get Mister Spiffy to shut up.


A pony only capable of communicating through canine-like barks. Generally non-violent.

Nurse HeavyheartEdit


A unicorn mare suffering from hallucinations. Often makes cryptic references to future events, suggesting that she possessed some precognitive ability that drove her mad, and that ability is somehow still functioning.

Mister SpiffyEdit

Equestria's first confirmed serial killer. Mister Spiffy killed young unicorns and cut out their horns. He says his crimes shocked society, especially given his targets and his manner of mutilation. He is often snide and sarcastic, though only violent when Wireless comes across his chosen prey.


An orderly crushed by a steel girder. He is often dormant, but occasionally steps in to break up confrontations between other personalities.

Vermillion IncandescenceEdit