Below is a truncated list of major historical events in the primary "Source" timeline, separated by age. Events within each age are in rough chronological order according to inference of logical event progression. Many past events viewed by Lozenge or other characters are not given a date. Also, due to the Church essentially erasing the past and instituting a new calendar arbitrarily, actual year numbers are referred to in their relation to the "Tribulation Year", or the year of the Hoarfrost Apocalypse, with a plus (+) or minus (-).

For events in timelines of supplemental "Source" stories, please visit and add to that story's page.

Pre-First Era Edit

TY-2290: Starswirl the Bearded's memory obelisk created.

TY-1030: Nightmare Moon banished.

First Era Edit

TY-30: Nightmare Moon freed from her prison by the Stars.

TY-20: Beginning of Equestrian Industrial Revolution.

TY-10: Onset of war with Saddle Arabia.

TY-8: Zebra Tribes join Saddle Arabian side of conflict. After several incidents of sedition, and despite protests by Twilight Sparkle's cabinet, all zebras are relocated to concentration camps. Saddle Arabian Sultinate achieves high point of war, striking onto Equestrian soil at the Battle of Baltimare and the Battle of Red Oat.

TY-7: Maretania joins the Equestrian side of the conflict. Griffon Empire splits, causing a civil war. The conflict now encompasses the known world.

TY-5: Buffalo tribes undergo forced conscription as personnel strength on both sides dwindles.

TY-2: Unidentified event, redacted by Twilight Sparkle's Foremare of Information, Applejack.

TY-1: Battle of Oshoneighbo. Zebra tribes decisively defeated.

Second Era Edit

TY-0: Hoarfrost Apocalypse delineates beginning of Second Era. This era is marked by a protracted period of all sentient species scrabbling for survival in a world that has become an endless frozen wasteland. All known societies collapse. The Three Saints initiate the pilgrimage to the east coast of Equestria, gathering survivors as they go.

TY+3: Survivors settle in Baltimare, which had been spared by its Shining Armor field.

Third Era Edit

TY+700: Unicorns, marginalized by Equestria's continual replacement of magic with technology, initiate a revolt. Society once again collapses.

TY+700 - TY+1200 (roughly): Called "The Equestrian Dark Age". Almost no records of this period exist.

Fourth Era Edit

TY+1226: Church of Solstice emerges as the dominant political and religious entity in Equestria, forcibly uniting Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi. Solstice anointed Grand Oligarch; raises sun and moon.