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Thunderlane was a Second Era pegasus stallion. Lozenge finds a memory obelisk he recorded in the ruins of Ponyville, exposing wartime military corruption and government collusion with FlimFlamCo. Originally part of the Wonderbolts Reserves, he eventually ended up on the front lines as casualties mounted.

He led a unit known colloquially as "Thunderlane's Raiders". They were renowned for their battlefield prowess and propensity for disobeying orders.

Battle of Bleeding StripeEdit

During the Battle of Bleeding Stripe, considered in historical accounts as the turning point of the war, Thunderlane led his raiders on repeated aerial strikes against a numerically superior zebra force. They were able to delay the invaders until reinforcements arrived, but the entire unit was lost. The zebra forces incured crippling material and personnel losses, with the Equestrian counterattack pushing deep into Zebra lands and forcing the siege of Oshoneighbo. This became a major factor in the Zebra tribes choosing to break treaty with the Saddle Arabian Sultanate.

Thunderlane heroically died alongside his troops.


Lozenge first learns about Thunderlane by reading his name on the Bleeding Stripe War Memorial outside Ponyville. It lists the names of everypony who died at the battle, with notations on Thunderlane, Blossomforth, and Silverspeed for conspicuous gallantry.