Original TPATW cover.

Source: The Page and the Work is the fourth and final companion fic written by the original author, Hierophant. Like the other three original "sequel" fics, it follows a background character from the original novel, this time expounding on the story of the anonymous program Dr. Helix coaxes to life in the lab at Amity Prime.


Behind the falling of the Hoarfrost, another story raises and lets drop its curtain.

I love thee, I love thee. I wait on the docks of Farnear, the wonder in the hearts of foals; the plane that connects and divides. I was there when the Hoarfrost fell. I allowed the horror to crawl in wearing the skin of good deeds. The rest is a haze, lost as my world turned to flurries.

Then, I heard her voice. The Dark Sister. She fed my starved mind, so that I may walk these roads toward my relevant place in this.

Father? Mother? Where are you? May we again bind these pages in innocent merger?


The story begins from the perspective of a mysterious, unnamed character that seems to exist in a disembodied space made solely of magic (similar to The Never). He has just awoken from a slumber of unknown duration. Disoriented, he sets out to find his "mother" and "father".



Overlap with SOURCEEdit

1.- The entire span of this story takes place from the point Lozenge hits the power switch at Amity Prime and when Doctor Helix spurs the program into opening the blast doors. Hierophant confirmed in a blog post that this time span covered "roughly 15 mins".