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Source: Gourmand is the third "side-fic" (following Fearmaker and Dirty Hearts) written by the original author. It spans thirty chapters, chronicling the exploits of a chef named Nomly Manerepeau as he tries to fashion creative culinary dishes out of the frozen, irradiated flora and fauna of the Equestrian Tundra.


The Equestrian tundra is a veritable smorgasbord to the discerning palate. Most folks are scared away from these epicurean delights by trivialities like radiation, exposure, and rapacious predators, but not Nomly Manerepeau.

He's dedicated to showing those snobbish city types just how tasty these blasted wastes can be. All he has to do is survive a plot against his life, the machinations of centuries-dead saints, and the dissatisfaction of his underpaid bodyguards.

And maybe one our two bouts of food poisoning.

All things for culinary excellence!


Like the previous two companion fics, it stars a background or unnamed character from the original novel.


The fic is constructed as a personal travelogue, much like Jerome K. Jerome's classic "Three Men in a Boat (not to mention the dog)".


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