Source: Dirty Hearts cover.

Source: Dirty Hearts is the second companion fic written by the original author. It spans twenty-one chapters, including a prologue and epilogue, and follows a father-daughter pair of former Marauders as they try to integrate back into civil society, or as civil as society gets in the Tundra.


Idealists don't survive in the tundras of Equestria, a land buried under snow for a millennium. Revelations are traded for table scraps. Life is brutish and short. It molds ponies like Backbone. He never looked far beyond the inherent violence of the day-to-day, but when you have a filly, everything changes.

Now he's looking for something more.

A better life for her.




Overlap with SOURCEEdit

1. The Church agents looking for Lozenge and Double Down interfere with Backbone's efforts to obtain carrots in chapter four.

2. In chapter seven, Lozenge shoots Backbone in the knee, thinking that he is a Marauder. His appearance in the primary novel is so brief no distinction is made, but this narrative reveals that he was already in the process of leaving Viscera's gang, and was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.