Source: Armiger is currently the shortest Source companion fic, spanning just five chapters and 19,867 words; by TheMissusD. Written much like a journal, it chronicles a series of meetings between a Windigo named Parasomnia and several high-ranking members of the Equestrian government.


I committed the one unforgivable sin.

I gave the guilty mercy instead of justice.

My name is Parasomnia. I was a Windigo.



The narrative focuses on the stark differences between pony and windigo philosophy; contrasting mortal and immortal mindsets, and following the Source universe's focus on memory and time, and the fear of losing both.


Overlap with SOURCEEdit

1. Given the outcome of her story, Parasomnia is presumably the windigo the Department of Augury experiments on in the Arcane Researcher's obelisk scene.