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Source:MLP, alternately titled My Little Pony: Source or simply Source, is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi fan-fiction based on the television cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The full story spans 728,834 words, divided into 65 chapters (plus an epilogue, an afterward, and a coda) and six "books". Taken as a single story, it is one of the longest works of fiction in history, ranking 12th between Samuel Richardson's The History of Sir Charles Grandison and Victor Hugo's Les Misérables.


We were the meek and the small.

We, the children of the Church; the survivors of the blizzard, lived on as trivialities. Adherents, outcasts, and the timid remnants of a novaic age clung to a distant identity divergent, confluent, lapsed.

The Shining Armor fields spared us the horrors of Equestria's endless tundra, powered by things we could no longer comprehend, or control. The world's great memory lived at the end of a puppet string.

Until one pony carried on the legacy of those who tried to kill consequence. She defied the Church; prodding things awake that had best been left in frozen slumber.

Then Equestria started to remember...

...Remember what friendship could be.


The story follows an earth pony chemist named Lozenge and her adventures across a frozen, post-apocalyptic Equestria. Initially attempting to evade execution on an erroneous apostasy charge, she escapes from Baltimare (with a bomb collar around her neck) aboard an experimental ship called the "LYL-T".

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