The Scarecrows are an organization established in antiquity by the Verdant Green Bureau as an internal police force. They survived into the Fourth Era as the arm of the Church responsible for policing the Tundra.

Second EraEdit

The organization was established by Applejack in response to deliberate zebra attacks against Equestrian agriculture. The zebras had attempted to destroy what they saw as the weak link in the Equestrian war machine by infiltrating and sabotaging the Orchards. The Scarecrows' primary focus during the Saddle Arabian and Zebra Wars was policing the internal wilds of Equestria, punishing acts of sedition, and preventing future orchard attacks.

Third EraEdit

Fourth EraEdit

The Scarecrows now fall under the Church of Butterflies, policing homesteads, culling dangerous animal populations, and preventing tundra denizens from gaining access to ancient technology. It is one of the few Church positions that requires extended time outside city limits.

Works Featured InEdit

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