Rainbow Dash

Rainbow dash the warrior by ratchethun-d5k26sj

Rainbow Dash in Helmet by ratchetthun

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Residence Cloudominium over Ponyville
Cloudsdale (formerly)
Occupation Foremare of Radicalness Advancement, Clear Sky Corps, Wonderbolts Division
Ponyville weather patrol
Wonderbolts trainee
Member of Wonderbolts Reserves
More info
Eyes Moderate cerise
Mane Light brilliant red
Light brilliant vermillion
Light gold
Moderate sap green
Brilliant cornflower blue
Moderate violet
Coat Very light cerulean
Pale, light grayish tangelo
Nicknames Dashie, RD, Dash, Rainbow Crash, Rainbow "Danger" Dash, Rainbow "Professionalism" Dash
Relatives Rainbow Blaze (father)
Cutie mark
Blue-yellow-red lightning bolt with cloud

She tried the hardest of them all to make an impact, to leave a mark; only to find herself, in the end, the most fully erased.
Lozenge regarding Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash was a pegasus mare, a Second Era government figure, and one of the most talented fliers in history. She represented the Element of Loyalty.


Not much is known about her childhood except was born in Cloudsdale some time during the First Era and attended several flight schools, as was standard practice for pegasi during that time. She became captain of the Ponyville weather team. During her time there, she became friends with Twilight Sparkle, and the other mares who would come to comprise Princess Twilight's cabinet.

During the war, Rainbow Dash headed the Special Weapons Division of the Equestrian Clear Sky Corps. She often lamented the lack of front-line action. Realizing that Twilight Sparkle was deliberately keeping her friends away from hostilities, she eventually saw action at Oshoneighbo and was horrified by the violence of actual war. She immediately began working with Fluttershy to end the conflict.


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Present DayEdit

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