Pinkie Pie
(Pinkamena Diane Pie)

Pinkie pie vector2

Pinkie Pie – element of laughter

Pinkie Pie in Whisper gear.

Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Residence Tower of Joy
Sugarcube Corner, Ponyville (formerly)
Rock farm (formerly)
Occupation Premare of Joy
Baker/caterer/party organizer for Sugarcube Corner (formerly)
More info
Eyes Light cerulean
Mane Brilliant raspberry
Brilliant rose with pale, light grayish gold, light gamboge, and light cerulean streaks (Rainbow Power)
Coat Pale, light grayish raspberry
Light gambogeish gray
Cutie mark
Two blue balloons with yellow strings and one yellow balloon with a blue string
Ya always thought it'd all be balloons and giggles in the end, didn't ya?
Double Down, to a picture of Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie was an earth pony mare and a Second Era government figure.


Pinkie Pie was born on a rock farm in rural Equestria. She eventually moved to Ponyville, where she became friends with Twilight Sparkle and the other mares that would eventually comprise her cabinet.

She was the bearer of the Element of Laughter and became the head of the Bureau of Joy. She was a project lead and major force behind the development of the Chemicals of Harmony and the Generosity network. The Bureau of Joy technically oversaw the Bureau of Whispers, but Pinkie Pie was not directly involved in intelligence operations, mostly due to her inability to maintain a low profile. She appointed Bon-Bon, an operative from the Saddle Arabian war and her former friend from Ponyville (everypony was her friend), to head the Bureau.

Present DayEdit

Her stasis chamber in Joy Prime was eventually damaged by Prince Solstice some 900 years later. She had foreseen this through her strange precognitive ability known as the "Pinkie Sense", enhanced by her use of the drug "Laughter" (a toxic derivative of Amniomorphic Gel exposed to her Element). Aware that she would die, she entered the chamber regardless to prevent Baltimare from falling to the Hoarfrost, stating that everything would "turn out for the best". Despite being dead, her body and Element had been able to power Joy Prime for over 1400 years. Complications arose when Solstice's priests removed her body. This caused the tower to go into self-defense mode, depleting its batteries meant to power Baltimare, an event that precipitated the failure of Fillydelphia's Shining Armor Field. While the batteries have continued functioning over the convening years, the Church continues a secret and furious search for alternate power.

She left a string of clues comprised of chained memories and video recordings for an unnamed future figure. It is through these that Chamberlain and Lozenge learn the most about Second Era Equestria and its tumultuous political environment.


Pinkie left several pranks that are discovered or otherwise triggered by Lozenge and company. The most prominent was a several-hundred story tall cutout of herself housed in a silo beneath the city of Baltimare, designed to pop out of the ground and play peek-a-boo with the entire city. The pop-up saves Lozenge's life when she is being chased by the dragon Mrs. Coal.