Pegasus banner vector

The Pegasi Tribal Banner.

Pegasi are a breed of winged pony known for their ability to fly and manipulate the weather.

Their motto had been burned by Baleful Sun, but their tribal banner remained in the Tribunal Hall.

Through HistoryEdit

Pre-First EraEdit

First EraEdit

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Fourth EraEdit

The current state of the world prevents pegasi from employing their talents in most situations. Deluge noted that the Hoarfrost and Windigo-powered blizzards have reduced pegasi to nothing more than "cut-rate earth ponies". Due to their natural propensity for omnidirectional motion and sensory perception, they make more effective pilots than any other breed of pony. Their piloting skills are only matched by griffons, though the latter are less often employed due to their more abrasive nature.

Noted PegasiEdit

Rainbow Dash


Scootaloo was one of the Three Saviors that led the ponies of Equestria to salvation following the apocalypse. She is the patron Saint of Baltimare.


Hero of the Great War. He commanded a unit of Pegasi commandos dubbed Thunderlane's Raiders. They managed to fight off two Zebra divisions at the Battle of Bleeding Stripe, giving the Equestrian forces crucial time to turn the tide of battle. The entire unit, including Thunderlane, perished during this action.

General Fleetfoot


A Second Era anti-war advocate and Thunderlane's younger brother.



A medic assigned to Thunderlane's Raiders. She was killed, along with the rest of her unit, at the Battle of Bleeding Stripe. She was posthumously awarded the Golden Butterfly Medal by Fluttershy.




Copper Bar

Pegasi Bishop of Baltimare.

Constable Crosswind

Head of the Las Pegasus constabulary.