Melancholia closely resembles all other Windigos.

We are the fate of the hateful; the triumphant neigh of justice!
Source:MLP, Chapter 64

Melancholia is the last remaining free Windigo in the Fourth Era. She hides in plain site, disguising herself as Surplus, the Vice President of FlimFlamCo. She directs company resources toward finding a method to overcome Discord. In doing so, she plans to set the rest of her species free.

Being immortal, she admits she is in no particular rush.


She displays the unique trait amongst Windigos of being outwardly lazy. She avoided the Department of Augury's capture campaign by simply not attempting to overcome the restriction field.

However, she still reacts violently upon being discovered.

She also seems to have absorbed certain mortal traits, such as vindictiveness. She explains to Lozenge that she never felt hate herself until she came to live among ponies.