Lozenge HRES 2

Lozenge with two silver eyes.

Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Chemist
More info
Eyes Pale Silver
Mane ¤ White & Dark Magenta
Coat Vivid Rose
Cutie mark
Add ImageA silver cough drop
It's us. The mad gnashers at fate. The ones who can't be content with confetti worlds filled with kind and pretty ponies. Us so called "heroes", with our uncompromising values. We drag the world to death behind us.
Lozenge, Source:MLP, Chapter. 49

Lozenge is the protagonist of the original novel. At the story's onset she is an earth pony chemist raised by and in the service of the Church of Solstice whom is initially chosen for "forced recruitment" by an Apostate terrorist group when her genetic tests, taken as part of her parenting application, show that she, of all possible clones, is the most like her progenitor.

Through the course of the story, she undergoes many gradual character changes. Eventually, she desires to return the world to a state of zero, and allowing the progression of society without the destabilizing factors of 'heroes' and 'villains'. To this end, she attempts to kill off the remnants of the past left over from the previous Eras, as well as the polarizing figures of the modern age.

She played a major, though reluctant role in the eventual overthrow of the Church of Solstice and exposure of the Sins of Harmony on and during the return of Baleful Sun. She released the SOLAR virus, revealed the existence of Fate Magic, and compiled the Twilicode Watchmare program, all of which precipitated the Fourth Fall.

Lozenge lacks any natural or trained combat ability, but compensates through the use of chemical weapons, technological enhancements, and subterfuge. In most situations, she relies on her companions for protection from direct aggression, though through the course of the narrative she does develop some combat ability. Outside of combat, she utilizes her scientific knowledge as a researcher and technical adviser.

She uses chemistry to many ends, including dissolving locks with metal solvent, quoting "Lockpicking is for suckers".



Lozenge is a clone of the former Director of Education, Cheerilee, commissioned by the Earth Pony Bishop of Baltimare, Silver Spring. She was a chemical research technician at the Central Apothecary, surreptitiously using her access to Church resources to sell illegal drugs for profit.



Lozenge very much resembles her progenitor, Cheerilee, though she goes through several mane styles and at two different points dyes her fur. The primary difference is her eye color; silver. Her left eye was replaced with Pinkie Pie's eye, which turns blue in response to Sparkle radiation. The eye is eventually torn out by Chamberlain and replaced with a new silver one.



Chemistry is Lozenge's primary skill, and the creation of enhancing derivatives of the Harmony Toxins. By injecting herself with the resultant chemical solutions (primarily Honesty solutions), she augments her physical and mental abilities to address current problems. Exposure to the Honesty toxin gives her extremely enhanced strength, to the point of bending blast doors and tearing the loading hatch from an Albatross transport. She also creates chemical weapons, to include a gas made from cockatrice magic, and a variety of chemical rounds compatible with the Dissonance Return.

Lozenge's marksmanship is suspect, and usually relies on Twilight Sparkle to aim and fire the Dissonance Return. The only times she engages targets with any degree of consistancy is when aided by an Improve Aim spell cast by Breakbeat or when possessed by the Unchained Memory of Wasabi Pea at Orchard 11.

Being an Earth Pony, Lozenge lacks the abilities of either flight or magic, which she laments throughout the story.


Lozenge tends to utilize whatever weapon is available, including jaw pistols, grenades, and several varieties of earth pony saddle cannon, though her go-to weapon is the Lil' Dissy railgun after she finds it in FlimFlamCo.'s Ponyville factory. During the Cup Harbor incident she (very poorly) employs Double Down's sniper rifle.

Relationships Edit

Double Down

Though their initial meetings are anything but cordial, Lozenge considers Double Down her oldest and best friend. Double Down seems to return the sentiment, though he often verbally mocks her for her mistakes and expresses disdain for the situations she gets him in to. They part ways after the Cup Harbor massacre. He returns as the REA Care & Comfort attacks the Department of Life, saving Lozenge and revealing his feelings for her.

I was ruined for love long before we met, tootz, but I think if I could've, I maybe would've loved you. Maybe.
Double Down to Lozenge (Source - Chpt. 63)


The progression of Sirocco and Lozenge's relationship is one of the primary themes of the novel, as Lozenge slowly comes to accept the responsibility of being Sirocco's "mother figure".


Though Lozenge and Breakbeat begin the story as acquaintances, superficially friends, dialog eventually reveals long-standing resentment between them. They go through several tumultuous periods, from friendship to animosity, including the "Hearts and Hooves Day" incident, where Breakbeat mistakenly believed Lozenge wanted to be her special somepony. By story's conclusion they are almost inseparable.


Apple Peel



Twilight Sparkle

For a portion of the story Lozenge is "possessed" by Twilight Sparkle, who downloads herself into Lozenge's Jack.