A list of written works encountered or mentioned in the Source universe.

Please try to keep them in alphabetical order.

Title Author Nation of Origin Type of Publication Brief Description / Effects / Relevance
Acanthi Aberrismus Hakkim Saddle Arabia History Book Given to Lozenge by Thakr. Details early Saddle Arabian prophecies regarding the end of the world.
Atlas Reared Ayn Roan Equestria Novel Bracket has a copy on his workbench. Lozenge had a copy in her apartment.
Boron is Your Friend Abzyme Equestria Textbook A common chemistry textbook. Lozenge keeps a copy in her lab.
Clydesdale Blight

and Other Ailments

Dr. Stable Equestria Help File Referenced by Lozenge to figure out what "the trots" were.
Holy Writ of Solstice Prince Solstice Equestria Religious Holy scripture defining the mission and laws of the Divine Church of Solstice. Usually referred to simply as "The Writ".
I Have No Snout but I Must Whinny Hooflin Ellimane Equestria Science Fiction Sci-Fi novel about a fictitious post-apocalyptic scenario.
Neighviathan Thomas Hooves Equestria Political Novel Lozenge used this "doorstop" to cover a pile of trashy romance novels.
Potent Potables unk. unk. Help File Contains an extensive list of simple potions and even mixed drink recipes.
Rayd and Ravi Panelshade Equestria Comic Book Follows the adventures of a cartoonish, anthropomorphic rabbit and badger as they fight crime in a fictitious alternate universe.
The Saddle Straps Rippeth E. L. Manes Equestria Novel A trashy romance novel Lozenge was reading when she first met Nurse Heartspark.
Supernaturals Zethukka Zebrica Help File Contains numerous natural remedies and cure-alls that are simply super.