Homesteads are settlements established in the Equestrian Tundra, outside of the direct rule of the Church of Solstice. The ponies that establish these settlements are often the undesirables of society, and referred to as "Homesteaders". Successful Homesteads that attain city status, such as Bittsburgh, are forcefully claimed by the Church; the residents either re-assimilated or dealt with as criminals (which many were before being granted homesteading licenses). Thus, it allows the Church to expand its resources and real estate with little expenditure.

List of Tundra HomesteadsEdit

Root City
Root City is currently the largest Homestead. It survives in the field of warmth given off by the strange roots spanning the Equestrian continent.
Cup Harbor
Cup Harbor was established by a cult that believed in the inherent superiority of mares.
Bleam City
Bleam City is a gathering place for expatriated criminals and scavengers in the vacinity of Los Pegasus.
New Dodge City
Salt Lick City