A feature uniquely similar between Source and the "Friendship is Magic" material on which it is based is the friendship lessons. Prince Solstice asks Lozenge to write him friendship reports on her trip across the Equestrian Tundra. She does, often in snarky and self-effacing fashion.

They all begin with the salutation "Dear Prince Solstice".

Book One: CloudyEdit

"Being excommunicated by your religion is just about the worst thing that can happen on a Tuesday."

Book Two: Joy Like ThatEdit

"Sometimes friends bond over the most ridiculous crap. You never know when a mundane daily activity could become an opportunity to grow closer to your friends, or make new ones."

Book Three: CrusadersEdit

Book Four: PushoverEdit

Book Five: HearthEdit

Book Six: SunshineEdit

"I'm sorry, but there's no room for friendship in this world until both of us are dead.
-Regards, Lozenge"