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Fluttershy – element of kindness

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Kind Pegasus
Chaos Mutant
Sex Female
Residence The Everfreeze Forest
Outside of Ponyville, in a cottage near the Everfree Forest (formerly)
Cloudsdale (formerly)
Occupation Foremare of Wildlife Management
Animal caretaker
Pony Tones singer (part-time)
More info
Eyes Moderate cyan
Brilliant amaranth (as a vampire fruit bat-pony)
Mane Pale, light grayish rose
Pale, light grayish rose with light rose, pale, light grayish mulberry, pale, light grayish opal, and moderate opal streaks (Rainbow Power)
Coat Pale, light grayish gold
Light gambogeish gray
Nicknames Klutzershy, Flutterguy, Stare Master, Shutterfly, Flutterbat
Relatives Unnamed brother
Cutie mark
Three butterflies with cyan bodies and pink wings

Sometimes you have to open yourself up to the bad in others so you can give them a little bit of the good in yourself. Fluttershy taught me that. Taught us all that. She was a truly compassionate heart in a world that never deserved one.
Lozenge regarding Fluttershy

Fluttershy was a pegasus mare and a Second Era government figure. She bore the Element of Kindness.


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