Fleetfoot WarmupSuit

Fleetfoot in the episode Rainbow Falls

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Member/Captain of the Wonderbolts
More info
Eyes Fuchsia
Mane Light Gray
Coat Arctic Blue
Cutie mark
Fleetfoot cutie mark crop S4E10
How do you think I feel? I'm watching my best friends come back in pieces! Pieces I'll never put back together!
Source:MLP, Chapter 33

Fleetfoot was a female Pegasus pony mare and a member of the aerial acrobatics group, the Wonderbolts. She rose to a prominent military position during the Saddle-Arabian war and featured in several historical documents and recordings discovered by characters in the Source universe.

During the WarEdit

At the onset of hostilities, Princess Luna split the Wonderbolts into two groups. One group, consisting of every senior Wonderbolt except Fleetfoot, formed into the first Clear Sky Commando Corps, the prototype Equestrian special forces unit. Fleetfoot found herself in charge of the second group, a group drawn up from the Wonderbolt Reserves (including Raindrops and Rainbow Dash) to reconstitute the group's civilian entertainment team.

Fleetfoot became increasingly depressed and enraged having to tow the home-front; watching her friends come back from the war wounded, shell-shocked, or dead, while herself still receiving regular "meaningless" promotions.

The "Raindrops Obelisk" features these emotions coming to a header when, during an argument with Rainbow Dash, she throws her desk across the room (source of the above quote), stating that she despises the war but understands its "bitter necessity".