Equestria refers to both the continent of Equestria proper, the former First Era sovereign nation, and the current pony-ruled alliance controlled by the Church of Solstice. Years of abuse and a cycle of cataclysmic events have rendered it a nigh-inhospitable tundra covered in deadly Hoarfrost.

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The Tenochtitlan Basin is a region located in a remote, tropical part of Equestria. It formerly housed the Fortress of Talacon, an ancient city that now lies in ruins. It was not featured in the original Source novel, but is depicted in several side stories, most notably ConstantReader's The Infinite Maybe.

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In Equestria's earlier days, the Flame Geyser Swamp was a seismically dangerous area that produced random spouts of flame from the earth. The Hoarfrost has seeped into the soil even here. The geysers now sprout streams of frost that cause instant and usually deadly frostbite. The cold-spouts are even said to be able to penetrate tundra suits and Scarecrows barding.


Tartarus is rumored to be a place where ancient, evil creatures are imprisoned, guarded by the three-headed dog Cerberus.

Tartarus is based on the location of the same name in Greek mythology, being a deep, dark pit beneath the underworld where the wicked are condemned to eternal suffering.


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Hollow Shades was a First Era city completely decimated during the Saddle Arabian war. Only buried ruins remain, occasionally excavated by scrappers from Bittsburgh.

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Location of several secret research facilities and Equestria's primary prison, The GentleHoof Asylum.