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The Earth Pony Tribal Banner.

Earth Ponies are a breed of pony known for their fortitude and industriousness.

Their motto, revealed in the Tribunal Hall, is "We Endure".

Through HistoryEdit

Pre-First EraEdit

First EraEdit

Second EraEdit

Third EraEdit

Fourth EraEdit

Due to their natural fortitude, Earth ponies are better suited to survival in the Tundra than Unicorns, Pegasi, or Bat Ponies. The cold and high winds renders flying nigh impossible (even with the assistance of magic or technology) outside of cities, and the inherent nature of Hoarfrost interferes with unicorn magic.

Notable Earth PoniesEdit


The central protagonist of the original Source novel. Originally a chemist in service of the Church of Solstice, she is ultimately responsible for inciting the rebellion that toppled it.


Applejack is the only ancient Harmony Bearer to survive to the Fourth Era.

Pinkie Pie

Big Macintosh

Apple Bloom

Nurse Heartspark


Silver Spring

The Earth Pony bishop of Baltimare.


Viscera is a Tundra Raider running her own gang between Root City and Vanhoover. Her gang is responsible for the death of many of city's residents, including Moss' parents.



Moss is an earth pony filly living in Root City. She is also a rare, viable second-gen clone.

Blueberry Syrup

Blueberry Syrup is a vocalist working for the Church of the Voice. She served as the prosecutor during Lozenge's apostasy trial.


Binary was a Second Era earth pony programmer and the inventor of the Real Intelligence Backup. He also headed development of the Overmare Initiative.