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Standard bat pony clone.

I'm sorry you thought I was a good pony.
Double Down, Source:MLP, Chapter 37

Double Down is a bat pony stallion and Lozenge's most common traveling companion. She considers him her best friend, even after the events at Cup Harbor. The story alludes to his inheriting the Element of Laughter.



Double Down was a Scarecrow working for the Church of Butterflies. He was relieved of duty after failing a psychological exam in the wake of his team's death. Due to his close friendship with the Field Marshall, he was allowed to keep his Scarecrow barding.



Like most bat pony clones, he has a dusky charcoal coat with a dark purple mane and tail. His eyes are a faded orange due to extensive prior radiation exposure. He has multiple bullet scars on his barrel and flank that he refuses to have erased. His cutie mark is a pile of poker chips.

After losing his eye at the Battle of Bittsburgh, he has it replaced with a cybernetic one featuring a targeting reticule. He chooses it because it "looks badass", though it provides him with no added benefits, and has a tendency to point randomly in the wrong direction.


Of the prototypical group roles, he is the lancer.


He is the group's designated sniper and his accuracy is unparalleled. He trained himself since colthood after idolizing famed mercenary Wasabi Pea.

Scarecrows had to function independently in the field for long periods without support. Thus, he is a skilled survivalist. He is able to find food, cook, and knows details about much of the Tundra flora and fauna. Out of necessity, he also learned to conduct perfunctory weapons and gear maintenance, and perform minor repairs.


He is never without his Scarecrow barding and custom sniper rifle. He also uses a rig-mounted small caliber pistol and crystal apple grenades on multiple occasions. Lozenge eventually supplies him with a Generosity jack capable of casting a Perceptive Return spell.

He conceals a seed collector on his person, as he is secretly a gardening enthusiast.

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