I think they're trying to do something, but they forgot what it is. Violence isn't a means to end for them anymore. It's all they got.
Double Down about Deadlanders

The Deadlanders are a subset organization of Marauders originating from the Department of Life facility in Vanhoover. They are noted for including all three varieties of pony; Unicorns, Earth Ponies, and Pegasi. All earth ponies and pegasi are male, and all unicorns are female. All ponies of each type look identical, as all are clones of the three original ponies still held in stasis within the facility. The cloning machine was activated by Lightning Dust shortly before the detonation of the Hoarfrost bomb over Vanhoover during the Second Fall.

The Deadlanders are known for their extremely violent raids and use of strange language. The original Deadlanders were isolated and never taught Equestrian, and thus invented their own language out of necessity. Some learn Equestrian as a second language from exposure, but most only speak Deadlander. They were encountered by Saint Apple Bloom during her search across The Tundra for any surviving plant seeds.

The pegasus contained in the stasis chamber was Downpour, Thunderlane's son.

They are presumably extinct after Double Down and Lozenge opened the stasis chambers containing the clone progenitors. This caused the progenitors' bodies to age over a thousand years in a few minutes, turning them to dust. With no source genetic material, the machine shut down.

Project ToleranceEdit

The facility was created as part of Project Tolerance, an initiative to repair strained relations between the three breeds of pony in the wake of multiple wars.

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