Cybernetics are pieces of machinery used to replace or augment a creature's biological components. With the advancement of cloning and biological augmentation, cybernetics are generally viewed as undesirable.

Still, they are cheaper and easier to obtain than cloned biological parts, making them popular amongst Homesteaders and other lower class citizens.

List of Cybnernetic Parts EncounteredEdit


Modern cybernetic eyes are poorly engineered and avoided whenever possible in favor of cloned replacements. The servo motors that move the eye vibrate, causing headaches. Even the lightest weigh considerably more than a regular eye, leading to eventual skull degeneration (unless the skull is reinforced, as with Viscera).

One of the draws of cybernetic eyes is the ability to adorn them with vanity images, from cross-hairs to skulls. These are popularly seen on mercenaries and bandits.

Rumors persist that advanced cybernetic eyes with features such as auto-targeting and zooming were produced during the Third Era. None have so far been discovered.


Cybernetic legs are likewise avoided in favor of cloning.

As explained by Copper Hinge, "You can't put weapons on a damn leg. It'd make the stupid thing weigh two-hundred bails. You'd kiss floor every time you tried to run. Also, mods. What, you want a damn mutli-tool? The servos alone... Do you understand anything about mechanical engineering? How are you going to walk with that trash? Here's a tip: get a normal leg, and wear something with pockets."

The only advantage to cybernetic legs, as noted by Lozenge, is that they "never get tired".

Internal OrgansEdit

Other parts are mentioned, such as New Dodge City's mayor saying he has a "blood machine" instead of a heart. Double Down states he heard there was a mechanical liver somewhere, and he is "on a quest to find it".