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You don't need to believe in the cause. Believe in me. I will show you a world incapable of lies.
Source:MLP, Chapter 40

Chamberlain has been unwittingly imposed as the 'hero' of an inter-cosmic play being staged by Mr. Ergot, due to his actions in facilitating the return of Baleful Sun and the end of the Fourth Era. He believes that Baleful Sun can neutralize the damage done by the Hoarfrost, as well as remove the Church from rule.

He desires to create a paradise for all ponies, where hatred and sadness do not exist. He believes there must be a strong, single point of control in order for society to function, putting him directly at odds with Lozenge's Apostates.



Chamberlain was originally an earth pony Priest serving under Prince Solstice himself. After discovering that much of the Church's history was fabricated, he fled into the Tundra and became a zealous follower of the Diarchists.


His heart has been replaced with the Element of Magic, with bonewire implanted throughout his body running to and powered by the element. This allows him to perform magic like a high-level unicorn.


Chamberlain is a tall Earth Pony stallion with a dark grey coat and black mane. His eyes are iridescent gold. His cutie mark, originally a serving pot, has been magically branded over with the black Sol Invictus symbol.