I'm not the kind of pony to care about anypony, let alone for anypony. I guess at one point I was, but that part of me died a necessary death.
Source:MlP, Chapter 14

Breakbeat, usually referred to as "Beat", is a semi-famous Unicorn musician 'accidentally' kidnapped by Lozenge during her escape from Baltimare. She used to buy Laughter Plus and other illicit drugs from Lozenge, fueling her habit of buying hats and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Her movement into the realm of Fate, along with Lozenge, turned out to be the catalyst allowing the alteration of Mr. Ergot's plans.

In combat, Breakbeat uses magic and light firearms. Outside of combat, she reluctantly serves as the party's magic specialist, having been the only one who attended Magic Kindergarten. Over the course of the story, she develops varying degrees of skill in pickpocketing, stealth, and cajolery.



While Breakbeat often boasts she is a clone of DJPon3, the actual DJPon3 died during the First Fall and was not part of the genestock repository. She is actually a clone of Amethyst Star. She was a radio host and rising musical talent until being charged with sedition and apostasy for her association with Lozenge. She leaves Baltimare aboard the LOYAL-T after Lozenge kidnaps her.



Breakbeat has dingy grey fur and an indigo, white, and black striped mane.



Breakbeat is capable of using several protective and augmentative spells, as well as levitation, despite magic not being her talent. Some of the spells she casts include enchanting calculators to give the wrong sum, making Lozenge and Sirocco run faster, staunching bleeding, setting broken bones, turning flamethrower propellant into whipped cream, and slowing down bullets.

Her special talent makes her especially gifted at magic that manipulates sound.

After returning from the Never with the Alicorn Amulet, she is able to use Fate Magic. This includes 'cursing' a pony to die by a seemingly random accident.

Full NameEdit

Starswirl the Bearded calls her by her full name, Beatrice Agatha Beat, drawing Double Down's mockery.


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Twilight Sparkle

Double Down