Ardor is a subterranean settlement in central Equestria, near the fallen ruins of Cloudsdayle. It was designed as an idealized, self-sustaining colony capable of surviving cataclysmic disasters. It is the only facility of its type. It was sealed before the Second Fall and remained operational into the present day.

The ponies inhabiting the colony still reproduce sexually, making them the only remaining ponies capable of doing so.

The Food is in PainEdit

The food supply of Ardor was originally indefinitely cloned vegetables. When the bio-samples became corrupt, an alternative biological food source had to be placed in the cloning machine. The only available biological entities inside the facility were ponies. Saint Sweetie Belle, visiting the facility to research why the residents were not affected by the sterility curse, attempted to donate a pound of flesh. Misreading the command, Chuckles instead assimilated her entire body into the food system. Thus, all nutrient paste in the facility was the cloned flesh of Sweetie Belle.

This is revealed in the additional report provided to Syntax by Chuckles. It simply reads: "The food is in pain."