Applejack – element of honesty

Kind Earth
Sex Female
Residence Sweet Apple Acres (formerly)
Integrity Prime
Occupation Farmer
Premare of Agriculture
Premare of Information
More info
Eyes Moderate sap green
Mane Pale, light grayish olive
Pale, light grayish olive with brilliant amaranth and pale, light grayish rose streaks (Rainbow Power)
Coat Light brilliant gamboge
Pale, light grayish tangelo
Nicknames A.J., Apple Teeny, Applesmack, Cowgirl, Workhorse, Applejohn, Applejewel
Cutie mark
Three red apples
Now, more than ever, I need t' be loyalest of friends and most dependable of ponies.
Applejack, Source:MLP, Chapter 54

An earth pony mare, bearer of the Element of Honesty, and only element bearer to survive until the Fourth Era in her original body.


Born on Sweet Apple Acres near Ponyville, she worked on the family farm as a workhorse from youth into adulthood. She became known throughout the community for her dependability and integrity. She eventually became friends with Twilight Sparkle and the other mares that would comprise her cabinet.

She was the first to realize that her and the other Element bearers had stopped aging.

During The Saddle Arabian WarEdit

The Second FallEdit

Her revelation of clandestine government operations to the general public precipitated the insurrection that caused the Second Fall. Thus she considers herself the 'mother' of the rebellion and cause of the apocalypse.

Applejack dutifully occupied Integrity Prime exactly as planned. She remarked on the irony of her tower powering Manehatten.

Her tower survived the ensuing calamities, but her friends could not wake her, as she was essentially powering over half of Equestria. Shutting her tower down could have resulted in the end of pony kind. Thus, she remained in stasis for over 1,400 years, her existence erased from all recorded history by the Church.

Project HarmonyEdit

Participation in the Fourth FallEdit

Premare of the Department of AgricultureEdit

Applejack founded the Scarecrows while serving as the head of the Department of Agriculture. She employed them as one of the surreptitious militant wings of an outwardly civilian organization, policing the Equestrian wilds and countering Saddle Arabian and Zebra infiltrators.



Applejack is an orange earth pony mare with a golden mane and tail and green eyes. Her cutie mark is three red apples, arranged in a pyramid.



Applejack displays deadly accuracy with both a chain lasso and grenades bucked with her rear hooves. Due to her long immersion in the Honesty serum, she has enhanced durability, physical strength, and recuperative capacity.





Double Down


Is there really... part of her inside you?
Applejack to the LYL-T