Alicorns are ponies who have both a Unicorn horn, Pegasi wings and, depending on the depiction, also have the Earth pony power; strength, endurance, and a "good, true heart".

In the Third Era, there is only one living Alicorn, Prince Solstice. He is the notional ruler of the known world and revered as a living deity.

The regal sistersEdit

Princess CadanceEdit

Queen ChrysalisEdit

Queen CharybdisEdit

Twilight SparkleEdit


Prince SolsticeEdit

Other AlicornsEdit

-An illustration shows an Alicorn princess mare and an Earth pony prince stallion in the Hearts and Hooves Day book.

-Sleeves blows up a sleeping Alicorn, referred to only as "the Red Alicorn", under the Steam Plant near Bittsburgh. While never fully clarified, Lozenge speculates that he was one of the twelve Unicorns who stole Princess Luna's power during the Third Era, thus changing himself into an "artificial" Alicorn, like Astrallania.